Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Cranach Dress - Skirt's Panels

Today I'm just adding a few pics about the progress.

When I had all the double panels sewn, I took each two of them and put them together to get four joined panels.
These sewn together by two gave me eight panel pieces - fourths of the skirt.

And so on. This is half the skirt. I'm pleased that the golden bands look like continuous rings.
Unfortunately, sister didn't buy all the velvet at once. She bought a half and next time the rest so she accidentaly didn't buy exactly the same hue. Each half of the skirt will be of a slightly different colour.

Basting the hem. Quite a long one:-)


baynu luna said...

thank you for the update. been excited to see more.

Anonymous said...

hope to see many more great projects. keep up the good work.

baynu luna said...

aren't you posting anymore? miss your stuff

Žabacorporation said...

I'm really sorry if my missing posts disappoint you. I'm in the last year making my final exams this year so I won't have as much time to post as I had previously.
I hope the next year will be better :)