Monday, 12 July 2010

Kiwido - Orange Finished

I had my orange kiwidos almost done.
I zig-zagged the tails and cut the threads away.

I prepared loops from a rubber cord.

I inserted them into the butts, the knot must be behind the bottleneck.
I took a double thread and gathered the bottleneck.

I wound the thread several times around the tail and made a few stitches through the rubber. Then I cut a small piece of a satin ribbon and hid this thread.

I made a pocket for each poi. I don't say pair, cause these poi will be used as single.
I cut the pattern (double layer) and marked the upper side of fastening.
I sewed there a twill ribbon with its sides folded inside. This makes a tunnel for the cord.
I sewed the two parts together and serged.

The last to do was the upper hem - I pressed it down and machine-embroidered over it.

So this is it - six fishie kiwidos.

And the pockets. I let the tails out - the kiwidos don't wrinkle this way and what's more - they look like buds in the pockets:-)

I used to dislike kiwidos (as a hard-core firelover), but today I changed my point of view.
Sometimes I just envy my clients:-DDD

2 comments: said...

awesome! i have been reading each day and what a reward to see them finished. i have been reading about this as it is new to me. great job!

Žabacorporation said...

It's a reward to see them finished for me too:-D
This project was quite difficult, because I've never made them before.. However, these new projects are what bring us most of the experience:-)
Thanks for stopping by