Thursday, 8 July 2010

Kiwido - Yellow Carry On

Three yellow kiwidos. Should be done eventually today.
I knotted a rubber cord into a loop, inserted to the tail of a kiwido filled with sand and foam.
I gathered the fabric in the bottleneck, sewed the loop to it safely and hid under a satin ribbon.

I gathered the tail loosely with a rubber thread so that the loop wouldn't be visible.

I also made fingerloops for all six poi.This time I used as simple method as possible.

I cut a synthetic band, thawed the ends, folded to create a fingerloop and sewed by machine. I used a wide and heavy zig zag stitch (satin stitch).

And why all the rubbers?
When attaching the ribbons, they even don't need a knot, they adhere very well.

(OMG, three more poi to make, if just the nasty satin wasn't so difficult to process...)

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