Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cranach Dress - Sleeve Tubes

I measured the girth at several places of sister's arm and cut out these horizontal parts of the sleeve.

The vertical stripes are made as tubes.
Here you can see how I found out how to sew the unpleasant velvet with satisfying results.
You put it on the table right sides together. You move the finger on the surface like a sewing machine foot. You just watch the way it reacts.

Here the upper layer moved three milimeters to the left. When sewing you just shift it three milimeters to the right:-) This way you may not end up mad from this ever sliding fabric..

I got quite a lot of tubes. I sorted them out according to the desired lenghts of each part of the sleeve.

I turned the tubes over and pressed flat.

I cut them with my patchwork rotary cutter.

How lovely! <3

I joined each vertical part of the sleeve with the overlock stitch.

That's the only way to handle all this tubes reasonably:-) And to be sure not to have a tube upside down (the velvet changes its colour when not laid the same direction).


Anonymous said...

love this process.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that you are very interesting and talented person.
I read all your blog from the very beginning and coundn't stop.
Thank you and wish you good luck!

Žabacorporation said...

Ooh, such compliments, you are too kind to me:-)
I'm really pleased to see that my blog cheered someone up.
Now I'm facing some difficulties with the recent project - cranach dress. Whether I'm talented or not, I just messed this one up.
The fact brings me down and I hope that as soon as it's finished, I'll start writing here regularly again.
With your wish of good luck I might manage to do it:-)