Friday, 9 July 2010

Kiwido - Orange

I altered the pattern so that the bottleneck would be wider. At the yellow poi I wasn't able to turn them over and I had to rip some seams.
I did it and as a result I got a pattern that fits itself well when cut in pairs.

I cut the glittering fabric and decorated the satin.

I cut the fish, completed them in four, then put two and two together and pinned at always the same side.

I sewed all the fish at one side. You can see that I marked the middle at the beak so that I could start the seam exactly at the right point.

I ironed the vlieselin, basted the loop and inserted to the upper parts. The pin at the fish's mouth is good for the exact position of the seam.

I cut the seam allowance at the curved places, knotted the loops and serged the tails as at the yellow kiwidos.

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