Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Kiwido - Yellow Beginning

My new poi project. The client wanted poi for belly dancing, but not with a veil but with ribbons.
The task I got from her was the stranger the better. So I let my imagination do the job.
I made a pattern - from a pattern for four-piece ball, I prolonged it and added a tail.

I cut various pieces from a glittering denim and pinned them on the fish.

I sewed them on with a narrow satin stitch. Not exactly at the edge. I want the edges to fray out a bit.
I attached the denim pieces with a straight stitch to the seam allowances of the kiwido pieces.

I'd made a prototype and I found out that the upper part stretches unpleasantly (it bears the whole weight). So I ironed a fusible web to toughten it.
You can see that I cut it in layers - right side to right side so that I could always get two mirrored pieces.

I sewed each pair of pieces and ironed the vlieselin to the upper parts.

I prepared a loop. I basted the loop and then I basted it to the fish at a marked place.

Those of you who are cleverer than me, must have seen that I had it wrong. I sewed it wrong, ripped out and here's the right version:-) The loop basted to the right side.

Turned over and...
...yep, that's better!

I sewed the fourth seam as well. I cut the seams at the curved parts (carefully not to damage the stitches), serged the tail and knotted the ends of the loop.

I zig-zagged the tail's edge. That didn't look very neatly, but as the edge at my concept was chaotic as well, I didn't mind. I wouldn't be able to serge the edge, satin is too troublesome material.

I'm gonna eat you little kiwido fishie!:-D
(Yes, I one of the RD weirdos)

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